White Label or Agent: Which Business Model Is Right for You?

Times are changing. Businesses are increasingly looking to more advanced solutions to solve their diverse and ever-changing communication needs, from mobility and collaboration to the larger demand and growth of remote workers. In fact, recent reports indicate the trend with cloud communications tools is exploding, with more than 27 million employees in North America expected   >>READ MORE

Covering Your Clients’ A$$ets: Security for Next-Gen IT Threats

Today’s advanced malware is increasingly difficult to remove, and even harder to detect in the first place. So it’s no surprise that malware authors aren’t concerned about what traditional security is capable of blocking—they’ve already formulated consistently effective tactics to circumvent that protection. Whether by leveraging social engineering or advanced evasive tactics, an attack by   >>READ MORE

Customer Documentation and Why it is Important

We no longer live in a culture where you can just remember how you did something and apply that. As easy as that may be for you, we need to be able to share our knowledge in order to create a better, more efficient work environment for everyone. Businesses run by professionals require a full   >>READ MORE

Why BCDR Is The Best Tool In The Fight Against Ransomware

With the ransomware epidemic soaring to new heights in 2016, finding a data protection solution should be a top priority for businesses of all sizes. As we found in Datto’s 2016 State of the Channel Ransomware Survey, attacks are ramping up, so now is the time to look for a solution.   97 percent of   >>READ MORE

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