Time to Get Social at IT Nation 2015

There’s no doubt about it: IT Nation is a social event from top to bottom. Last year we hit the Twitter timelines of over 4 million users (!!!) with #ITN14, and I’m excited to see where we take it with #ITN15. We want to make sure you’re all in the know of what’s happening at   >>READ MORE


The IT Nation 2015 Scavenger Hunt

We know you’ll be on the hunt for the most fun at IT Nation – so why not be rewarded for it?! IT Nation 2015 is only 4 weeks away, and we know you ConnectWise’rs are up for the challenge. This year at IT Nation we’ll be hosting a week-long scavenger hunt. Take a photo   >>READ MORE


The ABC’s of ITN15

When it comes to IT Nation, it’s all about the numbers. 2,500+ attendees ascended on Orlando, FL; 200+ breakouts; 2 outstanding keynotes; 70+ vendors in the Solutions Pavilion, and the list goes on. But rather than focus on the quantitative aspects, let’s take a chance to talk about the qualitative. Join us as we go   >>READ MORE


IT Nation 2015 Guess the Keynote Contest

Hey there IT Nation!  Are you getting ready for what’s sure to be the biggest and best event yet? We sure are. We’re counting down the days until we’re all joined in Orlando for an action-packed week. We’ve got loads of exciting things planned for you this year, and can’t wait to share them all   >>READ MORE

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