IT Nation

Concept image of Sales & Marketing on a signpost against a modern glass office building.

What comes first… sales or marketing?

Sales and Marketing never see eye to eye. On one side, you have Sales: They think they’re untouchable.  They believe they’re the only ones that ever do anything; therefore, everyone must bow down to them.  Marketing can go color somewhere else. On the other side, you have Marketing: They believe they’re clairvoyant, god-like creatures.  They   >>READ MORE


ITN14: The Best Yet

The Quosal team is back in the office after a whirlwind November. Not only did the team participate in two Salesforce 1 meetings but we were also busy preparing for the biggest show of the year, IT Nation! IT Nation is unlike any other event the koala attends. It’s not just another tradeshow…in fact, it’s   >>READ MORE


What Are Your Quotes Saying About You?

First impressions are everything. Hands down. When it comes to landing a new client, first impressions are more important than ever. The quote sent to a prospective customer is often one of the first interactions they have with your company. This quote can say a lot to the prospect about who your company is, the   >>READ MORE

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