Thank You for Visiting Microsoft at IT Nation!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed IT Nation this year! For all of you who came out to say hello at the Microsoft Booth and Sessions, thank you! For those of you that missed us, we hope to see you next year! During the event, we had two sessions: Our Breakout Session, ‘Microsoft CSP and the Cloud Opportunity   >>READ MORE


Cisco and OpenDNS Better Together

How time flies! It has been a little over a year since OpenDNS became part of Cisco. A lot of exciting things are happening and there are a lot more exciting things in store. Our name has fully changed from OpenDNS – now part of Cisco to Cisco Security. Along the same lines, OpenDNS Umbrella   >>READ MORE


Become the MSP Ransomware Expert – We’ve Got Your Back

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Why are cybercriminals investing so many resources in building new malware? Hint: As Nelly said, “Must be the money.” Cybercriminals continuously modify attack methods to make their business more efficient and lucrative. A prime example is ransomware, which made its first appearance 26 years ago. It has evolved significantly   >>READ MORE

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